African Waist Beads

Many centuries ago, Africans used what might be considered primitive materials like bone, animal teeth and stone to make jewelry among them waist beads. Many years later, they adopted ceramic, glass and gemstones to create waist beads. With no doubt, African waist beads have a deep history as to the their meaning including beauty, healing powers and as intimate adornments. The beads colors has special meaning.

Why Ghana Waist Beads Are Popular

Mostly referred to as “jigida”, Ghana waist beads gained popularity due to the thriving art and creativity in the West African nation. Abundance of raw materials also contributed to waist beads being popular. Today Ghana is the beads capital in Africa with a thriving textile and jewelry industry.

Waist Beads For Sale

Exotic Body Beads sources its beads from Ghana and Kenya and handcrafts every piece of jewelry with care and creativity. The need to carry on with the art of waist beads and African beaded jewelry in general is what makes Exotic Body Beads strive to offer authentic pieces to adorn all women and continue the tradition for generations to come. Try out our variety of waist beads which are beautiful, affordable and durable. Let us adorn you!
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