Using African Waist Beads For Weight Loss

Waist beads are a very useful adornment in enhancing beauty and promoting self love while fostering femininity. African women have worn them over years to keep obesity at bay and accentuate their curves.

How to use waist beads for waist control

Usually you are advised to wear your waist beads around the area where you would like to track weight lose or weight gain. When you first wear the beads, based on the position they lay, they can be tight or loose. Always make sure they are comfortable. When the waist beads start getting tight, you better start checking out your diet and exercise because that means you are gaining weight. On the other hand, when the waist beads start getting loose, it’s a clear indication that you have lost some weight. A popular trend among women who wear waist beads is layering. By wearing several waist beads around your waist with varying lengths creates the perfect waist training accessory. For great variety of designs and affordable waist beads for sale, check out our shop collection. We also do custom orders based on your color preferences and design.


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