There are many benefits of waist beads. Waist beads come in an array of colors and designs which can prove to be of great advantage. It makes women be creative in dressing and makeup. You can pair waist beads to make your outfit pop or create a statement. It’s always cool to be different and stand out in a crowd. Waist beads can also inspire and create awesome makeup looks especially eyeshadows and especially artistic makeup for shows and certain celebrations e.g. African weddings, Pride Parades and Caribbean festivals.

Instant mood booster! You can always reach for your favorite beads to make you feel better on those dreadful days. Certain colors have been proven to boost mood i.e. green and yellow. You can always have waist beads made with these colors for that purpose. I mean, it’s better than reaching for your antidepressants and cheaper too. You can also include red and violet for a burst of energy or blue when calm is much desired.

Waist beads enhance femininity. Many women have reported feeling sexy when they adorn them. Women of all sizes and color can wear them thus plays into diversity pretty well. They accentuate women curves so beautifully, you don’t have to be size 1 with a flat tummy to look good in them. If I must say, plus size ladies slay when their beads lay so gracefully on their hips. If you are not blessed in the department of voluptuous butts, wear a waist beads with your bikini and it gives the illusion of a curvy sizable derriere.

You are playing a very important role in preserving culture and tradition just by wearing waist beads and you might not even realize it. Ancient Africans and southeastern Asians have a history of adorning waist beads, from everyday wear to special occasions.

Weight loss. There is nothing more exhilarating than suddenly noticing your waist beads are loose on your midsection. You don’t even have to step on a menacing weighing scale to know you are losing a few pounds and especially your waistline is getting smaller. It puts and instant smile on your face. Not only do you realize you are getting healthier but that your confidence is boosted by a pair of simple beads. That’s just bomb!

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    Awesome! My waist beads are simply beautiful! I loved them so much, I made another purchase 2 days later for more! I received my beads 3 days after I ordered. I had absolutely nothing bad to say about my purchase or this site! Very very professional !

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