How to measure yourself for waist beads

Exotic Body Beads is devoted to making your waist beads shopping easy and enjoyable. First things first, you can wear your waist beads at various positions around your waist and hips. Below are tips on how to measure yourself for waist beads:
1. Always measure the part of your waist where you would like the beads to lay on
2. Measure yourself at an upright position against your bear skin (remove layers of clothing around your waist)exotic body beads how to measure yourself for waist beads
3. Take your measurement by wrapping a tape measure around your waist towards your navel and fit snugly without digging into your skin.
4. Read the measurement by looking at the place where the tape begins meets the other end of the tape measure.
5. For accuracy, you can double check the measurement severally.

After you knowing your size, choose a design which you like. We also do custom orders.

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