Layering Waist Beads

What is Waist Beads Layering?

Layering is the art of wearing multiple beads either around the neck or waist. When necklaces are layered, they make the neck area stand out. Waist beads on the other hand are layered for the same reason as well as achieving a specific figure. Some women use waist beads to control the curves around the waist and the hips. By layering beads of different sizes, results can be achieved after wearing them for a while. Always make sure that the beads are not too tight as they might break and fall off due to daily movements.

layering waist beads

Shop For Waist Beads For Layering

Exotic Beady Beads has a popular triple string waist beads which give a layered look. You can always buy several different designs based on your taste to layer your waist beads around your waist or hips. As most women know, waist beads have been used to watch weight…when you gain some weight the beads become tight and when your weight reduces, they become loose. Try layering waist beads today and let us know if you will get good results with shaping your waist.

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